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Ja​n is up there with her accuracy, precision, and valuable words.

I rang Jan two weeks ago in March 2022 for an emergency reading as I was having a stormy week of ups and downs at work. Jan fitted me into her busy schedule and I was all set for her to share her calm amongst the storm. When she told me "you're leaving there in four weeks". My heart sank. I felt like I was back in the storm all over again. I listened intently and even though the idea of leaving my role imminently was the last thing on my mind, I thought it better to prep my CV just in case. I had applied for a role in early January 2022 and received little feedback. The following week after my reading, I was offered an interview for the same role. Two weeks later, HR confirmed the role was mine if I wanted it and they needed me asap. The time frame was FOUR weeks from my reading with Jan.

My jaw is still dropping. Jan has the greatest gift of all to help us navigate this world and see beyond our physical realm.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart Jan, your predictions have made my year. You're a beautiful soul.

SS, London





I have spoken to many psychics all over the world and I can hand on heart say no one has been as accurate (especially with dates/timing which is the hardest) as the ever-brilliant Jan Lee. Even my mother now says "ask Jan Lee as all her predictions are consistently right”!!!

If you want everything from insightful, descriptive predictions (that actually come to pass), to enlightenment into 5D living, past lives, business advice and self-empowerment Jan is the ultimate one-stop-shop in a beautiful, loving, friendly package that always has your back.

True earth angel with a very special gift.

MK London 


"Jan is an amazing psychic medium. She is highly intuitive and will only tell the truth to you. She is both caring and supportive. Jan has helped me in my lowest times , ending up making me laugh with that wicked sense of humour of hers ! A truly inspirational lady who I have recommended countless times .. Absolutely the real deal.

Love & light"



Jan is an intuitive lightworker who is the most accurate psychic medium I have ever encountered. She instantly knows the issue, she shares guidance from 'her team' freely and she has a compassionate and caring manner. I schedule readings with Jan on a regular basis because she raises my vibration and I always receive nuggets of wisdom that support me on my path. Jan has high integrity and is the real thing. I highly recommend you experience a reading then judge for yourself how brilliant she is."

N, Kent, UK


"I was very lucky to come across Jan at a time when I was in a very difficult marital situation. She could see my husband and I were going to work through our problems and be stronger than ever. Today I am at my happiest and I only have Jan to thank for her spiritual guidance. Jan will give you plenty of validations and is one of the best psychics and truly my guardian angel. Xxx"

KL, Birmingham, UK


"Jan is Beyond Reading... I called Jan one day when I needed an outsider's view on some challenges I was undergoing. I was seeking a "reading" from a spiritual "someone" to tell me that my dreams will come true and the related hassles did not count. What I found when speaking with Jan was a deeply spiritual person who was well connected with the Divine and able to shed positive light via her GUIDE on my situation. Jan's many readings ..soothed me through some rough moments of self-discovery; she presented her advice with no judgement and with lots of personal empathy. Jan is well-read and can connect at a superior level of intellect and pointed me to beautiful resources to further explore my own spirituality. Jan is "present" and very much part of the moment I was undergoing and I would not trade Jan for any other psychic, counselor, or psychologist. She is an extremely introspective Person available "just-in-time"... Thank you Jan for all the sessions for which you charged me with modestly vs the support you provided."

AM, Netherlands


"Wow! Jan really has an amazing gift! She picked up how I'm feeling emotionally. She really has talent and she didn't ask anything about my background. She was spot on. She could see when I didn't quite understand and translated again more clearly and clarified things for me. I've had lots of readings with Jan and it was worth all the pennies as she taught me how to look on the bright side. Whenever I feel so low I can put on my pink sunglasses, which was the advice from her guide, Dr. Love, who was so funny. I even put the sunglasses on the phone in the hall so that I can see them every morning to remind me. Jan was right on about everything that came true for me, e.g work, money, etc. She saw that I've got special gift and encouraged me to study reiki healing, which I did. I've had a really terrible time going through a break up which left me heartbroken. I have started now to feel a bit better day by day and though it's not easy, the things Jan said to me in my readings regarding my future life were spot on, for example she told me that I will be much more stronger and there is a rebirth for me in December 2013, which happened and I am starting to feel more positive and my broken heart seems to be healing bit by bit too. I know there will be lots of opportunities out there for me. Jan is the best Psychic I ever had. Thank you Jan for everything and all the wonderful advice. Xxxx"

DG, Wales


"Jan is an exceptional life coach who uses her psychic ability to steer clients through difficult business and personal decisions. Jan is a very useful torch to have when you are temporarily stuck in the dark. I would highly recommend her for business and personal advice."

AD, Scotland


"One word, WOW! I had a reading with Jan yesterday and it would have to be THE best reading I've ever had. I've had several readings done by several wonderful psychics before but I think from now on I will officially be Jan's customer. Her reading was so precise and accurate which has given me even more of a sense of trust in her future predictions. I made a connection right away, and plan to speak to her again very soon! Thank YOU, Jan!"

S, Australia


"I have had a few readings with Jan, and each one has been amazing!! I have had readings over the years with various psychics, and can honestly say that Jan is the best by far. On each occasion she connected with me easily and the information started flowing with the minimum of input from me. As soon as you talk to Jan she puts you at ease and you feel like you’re talking to an old friend. Jan’s insight has helped me immensely with a situation which has left me confused, but now my worries have been laid to rest and I feel much happier with the situation which is on-going. Each reading is similar in content as I ask about the same person each time, and I know by what she tells me that she is 100% genuine in her ability. Jan has a gentle personable manner, while being honest and straightforward - she even made me blush at one point during our reading as she mentioned something which no-one could possibly know!! I want to thank her for the insight, reassurance, direction and encouragement she has given me. Whenever I speak with Jan I come away feeling empowered and lifted. She is a truly wonderful and gifted woman and I cannot thank her enough for her guidance and support."

S, London


"When I booked a reading with Jan I genuinely had how no idea of how much comfort and joy she could inject into my soul. Jan's intuitive psychic ability is quite simply astounding and this coupled with her sensitivity and astuteness quite literally makes her truly exceptional at what she does. She communicates easily and naturally with Spirit and information flows constantly during a reading. Most importantly, Jan’s readings come from a place of love and warmth and its her divine intention to bring comfort to her clients and provide them with a positive uplifting experience. She is extremely personable with such a genuine nurturing quality which provides a wonderfully safe and trusting atmosphere for a reading to take place.

Jan provided me with information relating to my future career aspirations and my family's involvement in this area. She gave clear dates when this would take off (September 2012), described the premises in detail, the type of work we would be doing, our clients and even the colour of the walls. She saw my husband and I working together in our new venture and also, in time, an opportunity for expansion of our business. She connected with my Mum and Grandmother who are both deceased and gave some comforting guidance and messages from them. Wow! What more could anyone want from a psychic?

During her readings there are no 'throw away comments', so be prepared to stay alert and listen to all that she says. I'm glad I took the time to write some notes during our conversation. Finally, I must mention Jan’s Spirit Guide, Dr. Love. His intentions come from pure love and his messages are perfectly aligned with Jan’s style and outlook. Dr Love is unique, humorous and filled with divine love which Jan channels perfectly. They are match made in heaven –and this comes through loud and clear during a reading. Its been well over 4 weeks since I spoke to Jan and I still feel deeply comforted, uplifted and filled with joy. Many blessings to you Jan -and a big kiss to Dr. Love :-D (whatever attire he may be wearing this week...)"

E, Nottingham, UK


“Janet is a highly intuitive psychic consultant whose accuracy is quite phenomenal. She sees into one's life with great lucidity and gives excellent guidance as to the best way to move forward. I would not hesitate in recommending her.”

C, Manchester, UK


"Janet is an exceptional psychic. She gives very accurate and detailed readings. I highly recommend her. "

N, London


“Janet is fantastic at what she does, she's supportive, kind and has huge integrity. I would highly recommend her service. She is incredibly honest and doesn't waste your time.”

C, London


"As an empath and intuitive counselor, Janet is professional and dedicated to her service. She works with integrity, and uses her knowledge, skills and experience to address individual needs. Her warm and open manner puts clients at ease, giving them encouragement and insights into their situations and queries."

K, London


"With absolutely no prompting from me Jan tapped into the most important issue in my life and gave me some amazing details and insight into the situation. She confirmed all of my own deepest intuitions regarding the important issues in my life, which i feel all the best readings do, leaving me feeling more grounded and calmer than I've been in ages. Jan also gave me lots of information about what was to come and although some of it was beyond what i can comprehend at the moment i know from previous readings with her that she can be spot on even when you doubt what she says at the time. For example 2 years ago Jan told me that i would be moving house. She then went on to describe my new house in great details, even mentioning a set of french windows, and a "lovely open outlook". To be honest i thought this was total nonsense because i had no intention of moving at the time, let alone being able to afford the lovely house she had described. Less than 6 months later it had all happened exactly as she described. I moved into a flat with "a lovely open outlook" and a set of french windows!!I would recommend Jan to anyone. She is a genuinely gifted lady, whose humor and warmth shine through in her readings. Thank you so much, Jan."

K, Todmorden, UK


"Thank you for your reading today. Of all the psychic advisors I have ever consulted, I believe you are the only one whom I will consult in the future. The reason is that when I am speaking with you I feel a strong intuitive sense that what you say is true... and genuinely feel as if I am standing on the top of the mountain and getting a Bird's Eye View of the situation in the valley below! What you say also comes true. You had told me in November that you saw me with an important person in my life whom I had not seen for 6 months, "around the New Year's Bells". Most people were skeptical I would ever hear from this person again after that length of time. But I kept hoping. And sure enough, the person called me and met me again a few days after the New Year after seven and a half months. This gives me faith to keep hoping for the future.

Speaking to you gives me a sense of peace and it is truly like speaking to an old friend. It is such a precious gift, thank you for sharing it with us all. With love. "

A, Cyprus


"I have had 2 readings with this wonderful lady and each time I have come away feeling nothing less than supported, comforted, uplifted and most of all feeling EMPOWERED about my next steps. Jan delivers her readings with such warmth and compassion, telling you exactly what you NEED to hear, as opposed to what you perhaps want to hear. She honed straight into the issues going on around me, asked very few questions and provided me with some remarkable validations from my loved ones in spirit (she could even tell my daughter was going through a phase of eating lots of fried egg sandwiches!) Jan commented that I was a healer back in 2009; at the time I could not identify with this but now 2 years down the line I am a Reiki Master so she was absolutely spot on. She is someone I would return to in a time of need, with love and sincere gratitude."

L, Scotland


"This lady is AMAZING! I had a reading with her back at the start of this year. She told me I was going to be writing a book AND getting a book deal. I had not even a thought of writing a book, but did start in May of this year and as of yesterday, I have just signed a book contract!! She is FAB! And a lovely lady to speak to as well!"

A, London


"Jan is a remarkable lady; she has an amazing ability to pick up on difficult situations within your life, and with no prompting. I recommended her to my friend, who phoned me back straight after her reading to tell me that she had been blown away by what Jan had said. She also has the ability to pick up on other people around you, and to interpret how those people are feeling too - which helps when you are trying to make sense of a situation. I have had a few readings with Jan, and each time she has been spot on, and mind-blowing. On my first reading, she told me when and where I would meet my soul mate, and she was absolutely right. I was reluctant at first to take her advice, because the situation felt alien to me, but in the end, I took it and was surprised to find that she was exactly right.I would most definitely recommend Jan; she has an amazing psychic ability. Not only is she gifted with foresight, she has a beautiful, warm, and bubbly personality. She sees everyone as one big family. I just wish there were more people like her in the world - a fabulous ‘gifted’ lady."

P, Derby, UK


'Jan has a lovely way about her when she gives a reading and is quietly humorous as is her delightful guide, Dr Love. When Jan was able to contact a close friend of mine who had recently passed over, it meant the world to me and helped me enormously with the bereavement process. I knew the messages were from him as Jan used phrasing which he used and which she does not habitually use. Jan will try her best to be positive but she will not provide you with false hope."

S, Manchester, UK


"I had never been to see anyone like Jan before so was very apprehensive and nervous, but she put me at ease straight away. Jan asked me what I would like to talk about and I picked relationships... She told me I would meet someone in approximately 4 months who would be a little bit older than me. She then went on to describe what he did for a living, his personality and how quickly things would develop between us. Jan also described certain scenes and things he would say to me, and reassured me that this would be the man I would spend the rest of my life with. Although I was much more positive when I left I still had doubts.

What happened next sounds completely made up, and if it hadn’t happened to me then I would honestly believe it was all a lie! I met my boyfriend that night (so a lot faster than she thought, but that’s only a good thing!) and I just knew he was the one. We just clicked straight away, and it’s the best relationship I’ve ever been in. I realised this was definitely right when he started saying things that Jan had ‘seen’, and acting out the scenes she described. We met in May 2010 and are now living together (August 2011). If you’re not sure about actually going ahead with contacting Jan then I would just say this, do it. She is a genuinely lovely, warm, truthful person, but most of all she is genuine. I will always be grateful to her for pointing me in the right direction and helping me realise everything happens for a reason. Thank you Jan x "

C, Manchester, UK


"I had a telephone reading and have to say that I'm so happy that I did. Jan has an amazing talent and is so accurate about everything! I did not give too much information to Jan but she was so apt at picking up tiny details about my current situation. Jan is also committed to ensuring she does justice to her readings. I really appreciated her time and efforts in letting me know not what I wanted to hear, but honest words. Do contact Jan if you need genuine insight and a positive guide, and I look forward to having another reading at a later date. "

J, London - August 2011


"Jan has the most amazing energy! I have had several readings with her, all have been warm, amazingly accurate and delivered with such kindness and compassion. I always feel that I am talking to someone who knows and understands me, like a dear friend. I will be contacting Jan in the future and would highly recommend her."

CH, London


"Jan has the unique gift of being able to ‘cut to the chase'  very quickly. I always find her readings accurate and really helpful."

HC, London


"Thanks for the reading last night, it certainly shed some light on my current situation. I am looking forward and staying strong not going backward! Your encouragement and wise words will certainly see me through this interesting time of my life. I couldn't sleep at 3am so tried your meditation and floated off like a dream, it was beautiful. Thank you and I can't wait to update you at the end of next month! Love and light, "

G, London


"It's all in the DETAIL! If your looking for specifics talk to Jan. She is such a wonderful person to talk to, very insightful with lots of energy from her spirit guides. I had a reading with her on August 18th regarding my love life as I felt in desperate need of a pick me up. Jan didn't waste anytime and tuned in instantly providing me with so much detail about the new energy coming into my life. She even told me pieces of information that I didn't even expect to hear, but came as a pleasant surprise. I was able to write down as much info as I could that Jan told me and I can't wait for her predictions to come to light. I look forward to October and thank Jan for giving me

the push I needed to move on. I definitely recommend her and will be calling again! Thank You!! "

R, London


"Jan is a medium of the highest possible caliber. Any medium is receiving information at the level of their own evolution/perception, therefore things can be given at one level or another. So for myself, I wouldn't turn to anybody but Jan for back-up as she understands perfectly where I'm coming from and where I'm going at the highest possible level. Obviously Spirit are giving the messages, but they need a crystal clear channel and Jan is. She can deliver the most uplifting, inspiring, encouraging words and the most beautiful graphic images. It's a complete joy for me to speak to her. So glad you are here on the Path with me."

K, Kent, UK


"I have spoken to Jan a number of times over the last few months. Her understanding and compassion shines through and she continues to give support during a very difficult period. Her clarity of vision, insight and guidance have been invaluable and I cannot recommend her highly enough."

C, London


"When I first spoke with Jan, I was in such a confused and complicated situation I hardly knew how to explain it or even what questions to ask. Straightaway she locked into the circumstances, going into detail and giving specifics without any prompting. Her insights and clarity gave me reassurance, and I appreciated her dedication to helping me move forward. There were no generalisations; the information she passed on came with names and times and places. She even picked up the exact country in Africa where I have a strong connection! I have since had a few more sessions with her when I feel the need for positive direction and answers. She works with compassion, integrity and has a great sense of humour. Thank you, Jan! "

K, London 

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