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Jan's positive accurate and motivating guidance 

provides an international clientele 

with  profound information​, 

insight and uplifting clarity.

Clients consult Jan for:

Insight into relationships

Guidance in career

Decisions being contemplated

Future possibilities

Insight into themselves

Concerns with family/children

Health concerns and directives

Creative potentials and gift

Spiritual directives

Past lives

Please see the APPOINTMENTS page to make your appointment, thank you.

Jan is up there with her accuracy, precision, and valuable words.

I rang Jan two weeks ago in March 2022 for an emergency reading as I was having a stormy week of ups and downs at work. Jan fitted me into her busy schedule and I was all set for her to share her calm amongst the storm. When she told me "you're leaving there in four weeks". My heart sank. I felt like I was back in the storm all over again. I listened intently and even though the idea of leaving my role imminently was the last thing on my mind, I thought it better to prep my CV just in case. I had applied for a role in early January 2022 and received little feedback. The following week after my reading, I was offered an interview for the same role. Two weeks later, HR confirmed the role was mine if I wanted it and they needed me asap. The time frame was FOUR weeks from my reading with Jan.

My jaw is still dropping. Jan has the greatest gift of all to help us navigate this world and see beyond our physical realm.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart Jan, your predictions have made my year. You're a beautiful soul.

SS, London

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