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Intuitive Consultations -

When you want to know what's really going on...

Intuitive consultation with a skilled clairvoyant can be an invaluable resource for insight, clarity, healing, getting to the source of problematic areas, and expediting creative solutions. 

Jan functions as a catalyst to help her clients restore harmony to their lives. 

The value of her service is the ability to 'see' into your life and provide clear and useful information and insight to the concerns and questions you present.

Jan's gift enables her to 'see' into your past, present and the unfolding future simultaneously. 

This makes it possible to predict the most likely consequences of what is presently in motion in your life. 

She can then provide you with new strategies, options, and guidance, anchored in an expedient, spiritually correct, and positive direction.

 By spiritually correct, she means: guidance that is anchored in integrity and considers the highest good for all concerned.

Every situation and relationship you encounter has more than one possible outcome. How you choose to interact and respond will influence the outcome.

She is considered a full range intuitive and multidimensional reader. 

Jan's abilities embrace the complete range of psychic/intuitive receptivity. 

This includes: clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience. 

These natural talents, coupled with a highly developed capacity to focus her attention, enables her to explore, in depth, just about any life situation or topic that a client presents. 

Jan has a strong awareness that part of her journey and life process here in this lifetime is to help others and she has dedicated her gifts to that cause. Jan’s accurate and confidential guidance provides an international clientele with profound information, insight and clarity.

Jan says, "I was born with a veil over my face, which is part of the amniotic sac. Called caul bearers, the midwife told my mother I would have second sight and never drown! Tick on both so far! The first ghost I saw was when I around four years old and I ran into the kitchen and saw a lady solid in Victorian clothing- a bit like on a Quality Street chocolates tin. I thought she was looking for the biscuits and just ran out to play again. "

As a young child she was highly intuitive, sometimes not quite understanding her acute perceptive nature and the psychic gifts she had been given. She saw spirit people and was convinced that everyone did. However, as she grew older she realised that this was not true. In her teens, she discovered psychic subjects and wanted to know more.

Jan’s spiritual path truly began after her mother passed over. Jan saw a vision of her mother and her late brother embracing and surrounded by white light.

Within a year she joined a spiritual development circle, which was ran by a medium who was president of a local spiritualist church. During her very first meditation with the group, she felt she was with kindred spirits and had come ‘home’. Jan’s gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience developed quickly from that point on. She became a healer and trained with the spiritualist church and the National Federation of Spiritual Healers. She has been been giving psychic readings for over twenty years.

She loves to share what she has learned and enjoys teaching a weekly spiritual development group which includes meditation, aura expansion, the chakras and healing.

Through her own journey of self discovery, having been through many life challenges, and having evolved through diversity with an open heart, it is her heartfelt desire to assist others in finding their path, their joy, in easier and more heart centred ways. Her strong belief is that life isn’t meant to be hard, life is meant to be joyful no matter what life presents to us! To this day Jan has assisted many people in transforming their lives and empowering them to be who they truly are.

"Know that you can, and you can.

Decide that you will, and you will.

Know that you can and go and make it happen.

For in every moment you make a choice 

and those choices add up to the life you experience, 

and with every moment

your Authentic passion, intention and

purpose are bringing your dreams magnificently to life,

because you choose

to reach within and achieve what you

know deep within you that you can. "

- Anon.

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